How does it feel when there is a resemblance of family atmosphere inside your office?

Yes, Exactly, Dosnext uplifts strong family culture within its premises as we consider colleagues bonding with organisation makes a very feasible work environment. Indeed it sponsors a lot to uplift personal morale and leads a stable personality.

We believe that employees are our greatest assets and we treat them with equal importance to our clients. Our management team is continuously engaged with our employees so as to create friendly & family atmosphere and make DOSNEXT as one of the best places to work. The culture at DOSNEXT is built on the below values & beliefs:





Our managers instruct and monitor the performance of our workers to achieve predetermined goals. We consider it as one of the vital part for managing and developing our talent pools. Planningorganizing, staffing have got no importance if direction function does not take place. Therefore our management continuously engage themselves in guiding, inspiring, overseeing and instructing colleagues towards accomplishment of organizational goals. 


Here we follow certain steps of planning where we synchronize and combine human, physical and financial resources. We define every role of the individual positions, the work they perform and clear cut communication cycle. We follow this in view of ensuring the maximum level of co-ordination to exist in the execution process. Now to make it more precise, we draw a clear channel of communication not just within the departments but with all the factors or sources that contribute directly or indirectly in execution of the tasks.


As a part of Dosnext management policy, we do strictly abide ourselves with the function of supervision. In fact the reason behind this is that we hold a very basic understanding that every talent have to be nurtured well in view of claiming better outputs. A regular supervision in a fast paced operational environment will definitely set a platform for higher productivity with lesser possibility of errors.


When it comes to networking, normally it sets a very complex picture. But in Dosnext we break it down and make it a fair concept. Our management policies gives an appropriate insight to all our fellow buddy's that ensures a clear understanding of their important sources internally and externally and how to provide an exceptional service to each and every force influencing the tasks.


We never discriminate between our employees and clients. We believe that employees are very much equally important as our clients. We keep a very close bonding with our employees by ensuring equal participation opportunities in all our activities. This increases the individual confidence and sets an optimism and open mindedness in facing any kind of challenging situations.


We always motivate our fellow buddy's in learning. We don't believe in restricting the talent exposure just within the frame set of work. Rather we influence each and every buddy to get exposed to basic understanding of humanity which in turn reflects in contributing the best to our society and shape themselves as a responsible citizens. We believe that it is mandatory for every individual to explore and contribute for the wellness of our society & country.


Training is key factor for a successful enterprise. And in Dosnext we go a step beyond. We train our buddy's not just to increase their productivity level and enhance their career ladder but also transform them as a responsible humans. And so there is no discrimination in our hiring process, like recruiting the best in terms of merit base or the creamy layers. We keep very open policies as we take initiative in also hiring the average or below average talents as we believe in nourishing them with our extensive training tools and also ensuring equal opportunity for job seekers.

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