Automating The Process Of Manual QA Testing

Manual testing is considered to be critical by enterprises all over the world. It is one such activity that validates the functionality, performance, quality & other fundamental aspects of software. But, with the ever increasing codebase and added functionality, manual testing is turning painstaking, unproductive & costly day-by-day. To avoid such issues, manual tester are rapidly switching to test automation, which automates necessary tasks & functions in detail to increase their quality & effectiveness.


Other benefits of automation testing are

  1. Saves money and reduces time of development due to increased testing speed.

  2. Increases the effectiveness, efficiency & test coverage.

  3. Minimizes physical interventions with constant & accurate results.

  4. Runs and executed test scripts on multiple computers with different configuration.

Automation Testing

At Dosnext, we deliver superior testing services for various software & application test automation projects. We use the best test automation frameworks & tools, which allow us to provide our clients high quality services, including automation software testing, QA automation & more. Our committed & hardworking automation testers develop a quantitative QA strategy that easily integrates with a variety of testing tools.


Our Automation Services

  1. Software Test Automation

  2. Web Automation Testing

  3. GUI Automation Testing


Our Automation Testing Tools

  1. Selenium

  2. Postman

  3. RIDE

  4. Django

  5. Robotics

  6. Web2py

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