Identity Access



Dosnext provides Following IAM Services.

Process Automation

  • On-boarding, Off-boarding

  • Update Termination, Rehire, Transfer

Provisioning & Single Sign On

  • Automated Role-based provisioning to wide variety application and platforms

  • Ease of integration and unique model for large number of platform instances

Resource Access Request

  • Ease of use, self-service resource request

  • Support for IT, Non-IT resources

  • Configurable approval/delegation Unified request tracking

Self Service

  • Self-Registration

  • Unique password reset

  • Configurable Profile Management

  • Change Password/Set security Q&A

  • Helpdesk Password Reset/unlock account

Continuous Compliance

  • Audits

  • Reports for various compliance needs

  • Identity Intelligence

  • Role Management

Privileged User Management

  • Unique Privileged User Password Management feature to manage on demand access to Privileged accounts

Identity management is  also  known as identity and access management (IAM).  IAM refers to a framework of policies and technologies for ensuring that the appropriate people in an enterprise have the appropriate access to technology resources. Also called identity  management  (IdM) , IAM  systems  fall  under  the overarching umbrella of IT security.


Identity   and   access   management  systems   not  only  identify ,  authenticate   and   authorize individuals who will be utilizing IT  resources, but  also the  hardware and applications employees need  to  access. Identity  and  Access Management  solutions have become more prevalent  and critical in recent years as regulatory compliance requirements have become increasingly more rigorous and complex.


It is used in computer security, the security and business discipline that "enables the right persons to access the right resources at the  right  times  and  for  the  right  reasons". It addresses the need to ensure appropriate entree to resources across increasingly mixed technology environments and to meet increasingly demanding compliance requirements.

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