DOSNEXT, the way that leads to future, is basically formed in the year 2014 by SIX squad of young professionals; holding extensive potentials in Finance, Human Resource, Marketing and IT divisions in sectors of IT & Service. The first three years of DOSNEXT was spent in a small scale set up where all of our squad members were the only head count running the show in Bangalore, India. 

In the FY 2016 - 2017 we started slowly acquiring the IT market and since then we have swiftly embraced the IT segment. This expensive and vital journey was started with a clear intent to make your life simpler and effortless by the technology initiated by DOSNEXT.

As our squad holds multiple dissection skills in different corporate segment, it has turned up as one of the greatest asset to us to carry on the DOSNEXT operations potentially, smoothly & comprehensively, as we also adhere to the facts that robust business is built on the sturdy foundation of constructive management.

We completely believe that our strong technology is a milestone set by our energetic talentpool and meanwhile also indulge in giving deep concern in nourishing and retaining our rich talent with extensive trainings and developments.

© 2017 by Dosnext

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